About Us

The professionals of McCaskill Financial specialize in helping individuals build and achieve financial independence here in the Frederick community.  


Whether you are supporting a growing family, building a career, budgeting for college, planning for retirement or already enjoying it, our primary objective is to provide for the financial independence you envision and deserve. 

Each person’s financial situation is unique.  When you come to us for financial advice, we spend time getting to know you, learning where you are now financially and where you want to be in the future.   We will discuss your financial philosophy, your values, your expectations, your time horizons and your tolerance for risk. 

Based on our conversations and research, we will create a customized financial plan which includes a combination of investment types and strategies for achieving this financial success.  After you have reviewed and approved your personal financial plan, we will begin to implement these strategies and monitor our progress over time, to continue to achieve your goals.  We like to meet with you periodically to review your portfolio and financial situation and make any necessary adjustments or reallocations*. 

At McCaskill Financial, we seek a long-term partnership with you and your family.  We hope you will schedule an appointment today to enjoy the confidence of knowing an experienced professional adviser is helping you make important financial choices for both today and tomorrow.


*Rebalancing assets can have tax consequences.  If you sell assets in a taxable account you may have to pay tax on any gain resulting from the sale. 

Please consult your tax advisor.