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Watching Over Your Dreams

Your hard work and determination have brought you here. Let us help take you to new heights.

Now you need skilled guidance to help manage the rewards of your success. That’s where the team at McCaskill Financial comes in. We’re here for you every step of the way.

A Clear View of Your Financial Future

At every stage in your life, we're right by your side to help you achieve the goals, dreams, and future you envision.


Investment Management

Use our data-driven strategies to structure and maintain a portfolio designed to meet your advanced goals.


Retirement Planning

Let us create a plan that will have you excited about what’s to come.


Estate Planning

Get strategies to manage your estate and help secure your legacy for generations.


Tax Strategies

Minimize your tax liability with our tax-efficient investment strategies.

Retirement Specialists and More

People often seek our help as they approach retirement, but that’s not the only time our seasoned guidance is important. You can turn to us whenever you face life’s financial transitions—and we’ll give you the knowledge, wisdom, and resources you need to get where you want to go.

We Let You Take It All In

You want to focus on the good things in life and you don’t want to spend time crunching the numbers. At McCaskill Financial, we take stock of your financial world and offer real solutions to help maintain the lifestyle you want to live.

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Sharing Our Insights

You can learn a lot from the financial planning and investment management topics that Scott McCaskill, CFP®, shares in his monthly column for the Frederick Magazine. Check it out.

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