Your Goals—Our Strategies

At McCaskill Financial, we organize and optimize your finances and bring clarity and confidence that everything is working together to move you closer to your financial dreams.   

Our aim is to help you develop a personalized strategy that's designed to address your individual situation, giving you the support you need to succeed. To do this, we utilize our unique six-step process:

Our Process



Establish the financial planning relationship by determining your goals and objectives, along with your risk tolerance and time horizon.



Gather not only the data needed for our financial planning, but also the feelings, opinions and input as to what is most important to you.



Analyze the information provided, explore possible scenarios and strategies, and begin to create solutions for achieving your goals.



Develop your financial plan along with recommendations, while providing solutions that can evolve and expand over time.



Implement the proposed strategies through a mutual team effort, while prioritizing objectives and discussing alternative plan solutions.



Monitor our progress to ensure we are still on track to achieve your goals, while updating financial projections as life circumstances change.

Advanced Planning Strategies

We deliver advanced planning strategies and make certain they work in your scenario. We work with your accountant to make sure you are saving all in taxes that you can. We’ll also work with your attorney to make sure you are building on a solid financial foundation.

Financial Planning

Wise financial planning provides a clear roadmap for achieving your financial goals and helps you make informed decisions about your money. We’ll help you with the following:

  • Retirement Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning

Retirement Plan Consulting for Business Owners

We'll help design and implement a cost-effective retirement plan that attracts and retains top talent, while also helping you address your own retirement goals.